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Happy New Year 2022!

I wish you and your family a Positive and Healthy New Year!

I am motivated, feeling creative and healthy. I'm working a Tuesday-Wednesday schedule, and will add other days upon request.

It's time to reduce your stress, relax and get refreshed, while I do creative haircuts and color services for you.

Please call East of Bali Salon to make your next appointment. 760.943.8400 Always accepting new clients at East of Bali.

If you experience booking challenges, please call my cell 760.271.7590 

We all appreciate your support and confidence! I am looking forward to seeing you soon...

Thank you!


Doug Gordon

Salon: 760.943.8400 Cell: 760.271.7590
East of Bali Salon & Spa at the Forum
1905 Calle Barcelona, Suite 210
Carlsbad CA 92009